Monday, October 20, 2014

2015 Event Registration now open

Lots more information to come - for returning racers just know that it will ran nearly identical as last year (same everything). However, we have added a dedicated race director for the 3 running races.

Go to to get registered right now.

Visit our FaceBook page for up to the minute conversations!

You may also call and book your room at the Dubuque Best Western Plus Inn (Same great place we had it in 2014), they've even remodeled nearly all the hotel so it looks all fancy and nice. Make sure you reserve your room under the Triple D race to get the discounted rates! Typical stay is to arrive on the 17th, checkout on the 19th. but our room block is flexible.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Volunteers, Sponsors, & Results!

Many thanks to all who have put up with my delayed schedule on this years race, but sometime life has other tasks that need focused on. First of all, the race would not have gone off as smoothly as it did without all the local (and some not so local) volunteers who worked a really long couple days helping in all aspects of this event, most notably would be my co-race director Traci who found all the things that I had forgotten this year and made sure they were taken care of.

2014 Volunteers:
Saturday Registration: Jennie Loney, Dave Giegerich, Tom Goodman, Tammie Grimme.
Race day Check-in & finish lines: Bonnie Busch, Natalee Berg, Sandy Kilburg, Bruce Timmerman, Bill Stoffel, Annie Potter, Tracy Turnis, Patsi Green, Joyce Pape Hartig, and Trevor Rockwell
Sag drivers: Keith Boever, Gary Bramel, Jerome Full, and Sam Wilson who also provided liquid encouragement out on the trail with Jeremy Burkart.
Alliza of Healing Arts Therapeutic Massage in Maquoketa, IA and Kim of Massages By Kim in Davenport, IA teamed up to provide some quality post-race recovery/sports massage.

2014 Sponsors:
Because of the incredible expense of putting on the Triple D Event, sponsors are critical in order to deliver the awards and prizes. With the diverse crowd that attends Triple D it affords our sponsors with a unique audience for their products and services. This years sponsors were proactive and approached us (all repeats from prior years)! I can say that I use nearly all of their products and whole heartily recommend them to fellow racers. get a huge thanks here as nearly 1/3 of the bike route and the Eichmann's trail for the Marathon and Ultra-Marathon routes utilize their incredible trails that require hundreds of hours of work each year! who provided the overall biker winner with a top of the line hitch rack!
Gene Tully Metal Art who crafted our coveted runner and skier awards!
ReCycled Artwerks who crafted our unique fatbike (and unclaimed skinny bike) awards!
Riddlebox Fatbike Race via Tina-Joe Stiller! via Neil O Cary! via Tina-Joe Stiller! via Mark Barrette! via Mark LaLonde! via Brian Walsh! who designed our logo and provided posters!
Dubuque County Conservation Board who are the stewards of Heritage Trail! Also, DCC Ranger Del who swept the course late Sunday night.
Dubuque Visitors Bureau!
Dyersville Chamber of Commerce! via Lance Andre!

2014 Prelim Results (we'll take feedback, and double check the results):
Due to the issues with our course marking this year we have decided not in enact penalties for wrong turns that did not reduce the racers time by a significant amount (be warned this will not happen next year).

Lance & Traci

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Current Race Information

For the most current race information please use the "Race Links" on the left side of the blog.

Ultra-Marathon skiers taking a break near Durango, IA.