Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rules (the important ones)

1. Registration with check or money order must be received at least one week before event start (by Jan 9th, 2012). See the Registration Link to the left.

2. Hotel reservations can be made any time before the event! We have negotiated hotel sponsorship and have a great rate for all… see Hotel Information link to the left. This is a great race to bring the family along to, let them enjoy the resort while you enjoy… well you get the idea. Need to specify that you are with this event (TRIPLE D WINTER RACE) to receive the discounted rooms. If you want to share a room send me an email, and I’ll get you into a group. International Racers are provided free lodging.

3. Entry fee is $60 for all categories except the new Half Marathon Division (which is $45). Tandem bikes, if you’re crazy enough to attempt this is $60 total, if you decide the day of the race to ride singles the other rider must pay $60 – this is the only exception to pre registration).

4. There are multiple categories (Ultra Bike 65 miles, UltraMarathon Marathon and Half Marathon for run and ski. These are then broken down to Male/Female)

5. No refunds will be allowed. However, you may change categories the day of the race. Please make a good guess as to the event you MAY race in so that we can make appropriate reservations for racer transportation and food/drinks at each location.

6. Race packet pickup will be from 8-9 am on race day morning at the Grand Harbor Resort (Dubuque, Iowa, the hotel directly north of the river boat casino ). You will be required to sign a release form at this time if you don’t send one with your registration. Also, it is recommended that you carry a cell phone, and include this number on your release form. We will use these if you go missing from an eta checkpoint. NOTE: cell coverage is not 100% so you may need to keep going to get coverage.

7. The pre race meeting for the runners and skiers will be held at 9:10 am prior to loading on the busses at 9:20 am. All drop bags for the Handle bar (runners and skiers only) must be ready before the meeting (optional). The pre race meeting for the bikers will be held at 9:30 am.

8. Race will start at 10 AM sharp for all categories (except half marathoners which will be 10:45). The bikers will have an escorted rollout starting from riverside ampatheater in front of the Dubuque Star Brewery (same as all prior years). Runners and Skiers will be transported by bus to their starting line at the Dyersville Heritage Trailhead (by the WWII tank) or for the half marathoners to the trail head near Graf.

9. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! No outside help from anyone except other racers. This means that there are no support crews of any kind allowed on the course (they can cheer and photograph – but not assist). If you take a ride, you are forfeiting your right to “finish” the race and you must contact the race day coordinator with when/where you are dropping out of the race. Participants are encouraged to help each other. The buddy system is a good way to do this race for the first time. Please note where you dropped out of the race as in years past we awarded prizes based on who made it the furthest.

10. Any combination of forward motion is allowed (i.e., skiers can run, runners can snow shoe, bikers can push, etc.). No towing/pushing other racers, you can assist them but not in the forward direction.

11. No littering (and no stashes). Leave no trace. Make use of sanitation facilities provided along the trail (there are a couple of restrooms on Heritage trail and at Dyersville. Bring your own t.p. just in case.

12. If you leave the race course for some reason (food, water, bike repair), you must re-enter the course exactly where you left it or notify race officials that you are dropping out as soon as is feasible. Short-cutting the course is not allowed. Turning around early is allowed and encouraged over dropping out in the middle of the race (as this reduces the time our volunteers spend sagging racers), record the mile marker or location where you turned around to receive credit for the distance raced.

13. STOP AT ALL INTERSECTIONS and obey all traffic laws.

14. The course will be marked and maps will be provided (compass is recommended, GPS and cycling computers are also allowed - but temperatures may prevent them from working). There are forward and backward mile markers on Heritage Trail. Runners and skiers have little to no chance of getting lost as you are on Heritage trail the ENTIRE time. Bikers however, will traverse public and private snow machine trails for about the first 20 miles prior to landing on heritage trail for the remaining 40 miles. Also, in some years the bikers must travel back through Dubuque to reach the finish.

15. There will be no cut off time! This race is about finishing! However, we encourage everyone to finish or sag by 12 hours. If you are out longer than 12 hours make sure you call the race day coordinator to inform them of your intentions and your condition. Note: all the “free” beer and pizza will be consumed without you… (but we will all be thinking about you, which may help you feel warm and full ;-).

16. It is required that everyone have TWO flashing red lights turned on for the entire race (one front and one back) and a head light for after dark. For the bikers these can be on you or the bike. For the bikers it is recommended (but not required), that you have some extra reflective material, a helmet, and do not use head phones as you may be traveling on / crossing roads at night during the race.

17. Stay safe, stay warm. Warn other trail users when passing, etc… read up on frostbite and hypothermia so that you know what to do to prevent and treat these winter risks!

18. Awards will take place at 10 PM on race day (at the grand harbor resort (DO NOT stay at the finish line bar, have your drinks, socialize and head back to the Grand Harbor before 10 pm). Cash will be awarded to the top ultra distance finishers in addition to the awards, extra cash will be divvied lottery style.

19. Cash: Numbered tickets will be given to all starters. Additional tickets will be issued to finishers. The better you finish the more tickets. We will then give away all race profits lottery style, the same as prior years. In years past we will have awarded up to $2,000 in cash. However, this could be much higher if you pass the word… race expenses will be kept to an absolute minimum, no profits to anybody (expenses include: event room, insurance, trail access fees, shuttle, sag, course markings, beer and pizza at the awards), more racers, the more fun everyone has!

20. For those who feel rejuvenated after the beer and pizza, there will be a Dubuque pub crawl (by bike or car or foot) starting around 11:30 pm.


  1. Are there any sags or stores near the route? Not really necessary - just wondering.

  2. i assume the trail is groomed for snowmachines. is the course groomed for classic skis as well?