Sunday, November 14, 2010

2011 Roster (Updated Daily)

The roster will be updated weekly. Registration closes on Jan 12, 2011!

Bib, Name, Paid, SexCategory(Bike/Run/Ski)Age, Location

The Bike Roster is Limited to 100 Bikes:
1. Lance Andre, Free, MB41, Seffner FL
2. Craig Irving, Paid, MB35, Mt Vernon WI
3. Michael Lemberger, Paid, MB42, Madison WI
4. Steve Rice, Paid, MB45, Shelbyville KY
5. Frank Hassler, Paid, MB33, Madison WI
6. Dave Giegerich, Paid, MB57, Dubuque IA
7. Joseph Nolan, Paid, MB25, Platteville WI
8. Timothy Ingram, Paid, MB45, Platteville WI
9. James "Z" Zimmerman, Paid, MB53, Iowa City IA
10. Piera Damonte, Paid, FB40, San Mateo CA
11. Rob McKillip, Paid, MB48, Cedar Rapids IA
12. Mark Barrette, Paid, MB59, Beaver Dam WI
13. Jerry Bilek, Paid, MB44, Northfield MN
14. Nicholos Wethington, Paid, MB28, Ames IA
15. Drew Wilson, Paid, MB27, Rochester MN
16. Erwin Berglund, Paid, MB67, Fridley MN
17. Robert Kiefer, Paid, MB30, Cedar Rapids IA
18. Cody Larson, Free, MB23, Northfield MN
19. Eric Sime, Paid, MB47, Boscobel WI
20. Jeremy Walker, Paid, MB32, Iowa City IA
21. Jeremy Riniker, Paid, MB31, Durango CO
22. Troy McDermott, Paid, MB35, Dubuque IA
23. Ben Shockey, Paid, MB32, Decorah IA
24. Grace Shirley-Couch, Paid, FB29, Dubuque IA
25. Mike Johnson, Paid, MB31, Cedar Falls IA
26. Curtis Ness, Paid, MB25, Northfield MN
27. James "z" Zimmerman, Paid, MB24, Warren MI
28. Ben Oney, Paid, MB25, Northfield MN
29. Bob Gritman, Cash@Reg, MB45, Rochester MN
30. Laurel Darren, Paid, FB34, Moline IL
x. Steve Gerber, MBxx, Minneapolis MN
x. John Nelson, MB34, Springfield IL
x. Austin A.J. Turner, MB20, Iowa City IA

The Run AND Ski Roster is limited to a maximum 36 Participants:
1. Frank Flack, Paid, MR40, Davenport IA
2. Seth Dudgeon, Paid, MR33, Dubuque IA
3. Tony Benavides, Paid, MR30, Clinton IA
4. Joseph Richey, Paid, MR28, Marion IA
5. Steve Schmit, Paid, MR45, Clinton IA
6. Bob Graf, Paid, MR52, Moline IL
7. CJ LaFond, Paid, MR36, Verona WI
8. Wayne Nelson, Paid, MR44, Rochester MN
9. Bob Anderson, Paid, MR36, Cedar Rapids IA
10. Rick Bothwell, Paid, MR49, Mooselake MN
11. Brad Williams, Paid, MR28, Dubuque IA
12. Jeff Friedman, Paid, MRxx, Peosta IA
13. John Hackbarth, Paid, MR28, Cedar Rapids IA
14. Dan LaPlante, Paid, MR26, Crystal MN
x. David Isherwood, MR37, Iowa City IA
x. Tod Brown, MRxx, Cedar Rapids IA

1. Lisa Paulos, Paid, FR51, Cedar Rapids IA
2. Ana Considine, Paid, FR26, Madison WI
3. Vicky Begalle, Paid, FR54, Escanaba MI
4. Misty Schmidt, Paid, FR33, Mound MN
5. Wendy Lyons, Paid, FR43, Dubuque IA
6. Toni Luber, Paid, FR38, Peosta IA
7. Lori Hueser, Paid, FR31, Bettendorf IA
8. Sandy Kilburg, Paid, FR43, Bellevue IA
9. Laurie Tulchin, Paid, FR53, Iowa City IA
10. Melaine Whitchelo, Paid, FR48, Davenport IA
11. Jessica Wuellner, Paid, FR26, Roselle IL
x. Jamie Isherwood, FR26, Iowa City IA

1. Dennis Grelk, Paid, MS31, Donnellson IA
2. Tim Roe, Paid, MS31, Park Falls WI
3. Andy Swartz, Paid, MS44, Madison WI
x. Tom Weitz, MSxx, Dubuque IA
x. Alax Libin, MS20, Iowa City IA
6. Vita Veita, Paid, FS61, Elgin IL

Note: if we go over 36 (Runners + Skiers) we can have a second bus setup. So, the max is suggested... we will accommodate up to 100 racers total.


  1. any advice for running this race? as in recommended shoes for running? do you recommend shoe covers? looking forward to running this event. sounds exciting!!!

  2. I ran it for the first time last year 2010. It was terrible cold... frozen camelback and all. Wear your normal running shoes your feet will be wet but not cold. In 20+ mile races comfortability is key. Last year it was 4-5" powder so if it's like that again shoe covers may help. As for me I'm wearing waaaaay less than I wore last year and putting the camelback all the way against my skin ;)

  3. I've ran it the last two years and didn't have any cold feet problems. I wore normal trail running shoes with nothing over them. My hydration pack froze in the first 3 miles last year, so by putting it under my top wind breaker layer it was fine the rest of the race. My favorite aspect of this race is regarding weather and trail conditions. You never know what you are going to get. It is an extremely fun race and I highly recommend it. See you there.

  4. I agree with Seth and Willy. I ran the race in a pair of New Balance 100s. They are a minimal trail shoe and my feet were fine in those. I also went with my pack under my north face jacket and it didn't freeze. Like Seth said you don't know what you are going to get with this race. It could be one of the easiest "long" races around as heritage is so flat but given the time of the year it takes place it can turn into one of the hardest which makes it all that much more fun.

  5. I've done this race as a cyclist the last two years using a winter hydration pack, the Camelbak Scorpion. The bite valve froze a couple of times, but sticking the hose between the pack and my back for a few minutes thawed it enough to use again.

    Note that Camelbak also sells something called the "Thermal Control Kit" for about $16 intended to retrofit their non-winter packs. Have not tried it, but looks similar to the insulated hose on the Scorpion.

  6. Ya, running the camelbak under your outer layer and the hose inside your clothing is manditory, the first year everyone who had their hoses outside had frozen camelbaks within the first hour (even those who used 1" pipe insulators and the thermal control kits).

  7. The "Thermal Control Kit" is just a neoprene insulation around the hose with a rubber cap on the bite valve. I have one and to be honest it really doesn't help much. I have done the bike portion of this race the last 3 years and I have found that water bottles in a jersey under my jacket works the best. If you are set on running a camelbak then I would run it as close to you as possible while keeping the hose under a couple layers. Yes it makes it hard to get at while riding, but keeps the hose from freezing. See you all there.

  8. All the cool kids in Alaska just use a regular camel back hose under their shell layer. If they don't need an insulating kit, then we don't either.

    @ Scott: so how many water bottles do you carry and how hard is it to get the bottle out from under a jacket? I have a 50 oz camelback (~2 water bottles) and ran out of water well before Dyersville, I had to go off-route to beg water off of a local farmer.

  9. I ran our of water two years ago and got some from a local stream (NOT A GOOD IDEA - Giardia and e.coli)... carry more than you think you'll need, or do as @GoodOak did and beg, or melt some.

  10. I had Giardia once, it did get me down to my 'fighting weight' but that was 25lbs ago, and quite painful.

  11. Are there seriously only 14 people signed up for the bike race? Did the new entry fee and "impossible" reputation of this race scare a bunch of people off?

  12. na... entry's will flood in the day before. Last year we only had 10 prereg one week out. From the feed back i've gotten this year will be a record year for the race.

  13. I'm assuming that the registration is still open based upon the last post. Is that accurate?


  14. Yes. According to Lance's post:

    "The roster will be updated weekly. Registration closes on Jan 12, 2011!"

  15. sent my registration in a couple of days ago. I know of at least 3 others who will be there.

  16. Hey Lance,

    I sent my payment and info in about a week ago and am hoping it didn't get lost in the mail. Can you let me know if you've received it?

    Ben Oney

  17. Ben, I put you on the roster. My stepdaughter emails me the registrations every night. She said that 4 more showed up today, but she was out. Also did you see Cody is on the roster...

  18. So.... uh, we completely glossed over the "lodging" portion of preparing for this event yet again...

    Who has half a room their not using that they would like to receive $$ for?

  19. I have a room for Saturday night at the Grand Harbor... get with me at the seminar/swap.

  20. I plan to be there for the event and missed the registration. I would like to run, can I sign up on race day?


  21. Todd, get ahold of me tomorrow... we can accomodate you. you'll need to bring cash and come a bit early (closer to 8 than 9).
    lance.andre at or 563 543 2784

  22. Where is the finish in relation to the race headquarters? Thinking about my car and dry clothing after...

  23. We will have a drop bag service for the runner and skiers at the handle bar. We have not determined the bike finish location yet. If we have the bikers finish in Durango then we will also provide drop bag service for them.

  24. Lance, getting caught up with business work is going to force me to work much of the day Saturday and be back home for morning meetings on Monday. Thanks for the offer on the room, but I'm going to have to one-day it.

    For those of us who can't make it to D#1 on Saturday, can you post course conditions and the route on the website so we can review it before heading down there on Sunday?!???!