Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trail Reports

This entry is to be used by all the local Dubuque County racers to keep all informed and up to date on the condition of the Triple D race route (mostly the Heritage Trail).
Currently the entire route is open and in good condition.

Also local Triple D Racer and Mr Hundie (Dave Giegerich) will be posting on his blogsite weekly updates on the trail conditions (once the first snow fly's). I think his blog is getting fewer and fewer updates... but his Facebook page is busy as can be.


  1. Hey, just make sure the checkpoint is somewhere near a place that sells Gatorade and peanut M&Ms, OK?

  2. Aren't peanut M&Ms a banned substance now?

  3. @Dave: Not last I checked, and plus, They Can't Take That Away From Me.

    @Anon: Check out Dave's blog...he updates it pretty often. Not that it matters, since conditions changed drastically within 48 hours of the start the last two years.

    All part of the fun.

  4. Snowmobiles don't need a pedestrian over pass.Use the snow next to the road.

  5. True, agree... but it's a busy highway, i know i'd prefer as a snowmobiler to use the safety of an overpass.