Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2011 Event Poster

The 4th Triple D Winter Race will take place on Jan 16, 2011 (Sunday).


  1. Lance,

    Is the race really on a Sunday this year?


  2. Yes rob it is. Two reasons. ONE (the big one) is that the trail condition will be MUCH MUCH better with a weekend day of snowmobile traffic on it! Two, monday this year is MLK day so some racers will have an extra day after the race for travel reducing their need to take a vacation day this year.

  3. Hi Lance,

    I am very interested in coming from Kentucky to attempt this race. I am a little confused about the logistics. The bike starts in Dubuque, turns around in Dyersville and finishes in Durango. Are racers let to their own accord to get back to Dubuque?


  4. Is there an update/response on the logistics inquiry? Curious about the trek from Durango back to packet/bus pickup. Will be sending in reg before the end of the year and may need to call in a favor to the family back home in Dbq.

  5. We handle all the logistics, runners and skiers get bussed (a really nice one) to Dyersville, and then we have the Hotel shuttle bring them and the bikers back from Durango.
    The bikes are loaded in to one of our sponsors covered trailers (Free flight Bikes) and then when full is brought back to the hotel (about 3 trips usually) - IF WE DONT finish the bike at the hotel (tba - we have done that 2 of the 3 years).
    We also have a couple SAG drivers who will pick up drop outs and either bring them to Durango or the hotel.
    So once you get to the hotel there is NO worry about transportation.
    Also, the downtown hotels do have a free airport shuttle.

  6. Hey Lance, A couple buddies and I just found out about this race and we'd love to participate. But there's a registration cut off that happens today. Is there anyway that we could register a little late?

  7. Registrations are due in the mail today... Call me at 563-543-2784 or email me at Lance.Andre at Hotmail.com to workout any details.