Monday, October 14, 2013

2014 Race Date is set! Jan 19th 2014 (MLK Jr Sunday)

Format will be exactly the same as last year!
A couple reminders:
1. A mandatory "night before race packet pickup" (exceptions will be allowed, but must be approved - basically out of town racers who are driving in the morning of the race may pick up their packet on race day morning).
2. There will NEVER be a cancellation due to weather… if you are concerned about the variable Iowa weather and -20dF scares you, the race headquarters has a bar, pool, hot tube, etc… so plan on having fun either way.
3. Most updates will be on our Facebook page. If you’re not on Facebook… you can read about last year’s event, and this years will be nearly identical. This event is a circus so be flexible and expect things to be a little haphazard. Doing the event for the first time is best done with a friend.
4. Online rigistration is here: and Snailmail registration is here.
5. Have a product that alings with our racers? We are always looking for sponsors, drop me a line!


Lance & Traci André
Race Directors
Triple D Winter Ultramarathon
1735 Eden Lane, Dubuque, IA 52001-4027

Mob: Lance (563) 543-2784 & Traci (563) 543-2785
Skype: lance_h_andre

ultra \ adj : going beyond others or beyond due limits : extreme, fanatical, uncompromising, superlative.


  1. Thinking about doing this. It'll be my first year

  2. It would be my first snow marathon. Sounds like a ton o' f'un.

  3. I'm in. If I can finish, I'll be very happy.

  4. when can we register??

  5. Triple D registration is open.... Follow the Facebook link for the link to registration!! Yippeee

  6. I'll give it another try and hope to finish. Last yr sooo icy, this year the pugs will have studded tires.