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2011 Roster (Updated Daily)

The roster will be updated weekly. Registration closes on Jan 12, 2011!

Bib, Name, Paid, SexCategory(Bike/Run/Ski)Age, Location

The Bike Roster is Limited to 100 Bikes:
1. Lance Andre, Free, MB41, Seffner FL
2. Craig Irving, Paid, MB35, Mt Vernon WI
3. Michael Lemberger, Paid, MB42, Madison WI
4. Steve Rice, Paid, MB45, Shelbyville KY
5. Frank Hassler, Paid, MB33, Madison WI
6. Dave Giegerich, Paid, MB57, Dubuque IA
7. Joseph Nolan, Paid, MB25, Platteville WI
8. Timothy Ingram, Paid, MB45, Platteville WI
9. James "Z" Zimmerman, Paid, MB53, Iowa City IA
10. Piera Damonte, Paid, FB40, San Mateo CA
11. Rob McKillip, Paid, MB48, Cedar Rapids IA
12. Mark Barrette, Paid, MB59, Beaver Dam WI
13. Jerry Bilek, Paid, MB44, Northfield MN
14. Nicholos Wethington, Paid, MB28, Ames IA
15. Drew Wilson, Paid, MB27, Rochester MN
16. Erwin Berglund, Paid, MB67, Fridley MN
17. Robert Kiefer, Paid, MB30, Cedar Rapids IA
18. Cody Larson, Free, MB23, Northfield MN
19. Eric Sime, Paid, MB47, Boscobel WI
20. Jeremy Walker, Paid, MB32, Iowa City IA
21. Jeremy Riniker, Paid, MB31, Durango CO
22. Troy McDermott, Paid, MB35, Dubuque IA
23. Ben Shockey, Paid, MB32, Decorah IA
24. Grace Shirley-Couch, Paid, FB29, Dubuque IA
25. Mike Johnson, Paid, MB31, Cedar Falls IA
26. Curtis Ness, Paid, MB25, Northfield MN
27. James "z" Zimmerman, Paid, MB24, Warren MI
28. Ben Oney, Paid, MB25, Northfield MN
29. Bob Gritman, Cash@Reg, MB45, Rochester MN
30. Laurel Darren, Paid, FB34, Moline IL
x. Steve Gerber, MBxx, Minneapolis MN
x. John Nelson, MB34, Springfield IL
x. Austin A.J. Turner, MB20, Iowa City IA

The Run AND Ski Roster is limited to a maximum 36 Participants:
1. Frank Flack, Paid, MR40, Davenport IA
2. Seth Dudgeon, Paid, MR33, Dubuque IA
3. Tony Benavides, Paid, MR30, Clinton IA
4. Joseph Richey, Paid, MR28, Marion IA
5. Steve Schmit, Paid, MR45, Clinton IA
6. Bob Graf, Paid, MR52, Moline IL
7. CJ LaFond, Paid, MR36, Verona WI
8. Wayne Nelson, Paid, MR44, Rochester MN
9. Bob Anderson, Paid, MR36, Cedar Rapids IA
10. Rick Bothwell, Paid, MR49, Mooselake MN
11. Brad Williams, Paid, MR28, Dubuque IA
12. Jeff Friedman, Paid, MRxx, Peosta IA
13. John Hackbarth, Paid, MR28, Cedar Rapids IA
14. Dan LaPlante, Paid, MR26, Crystal MN
x. David Isherwood, MR37, Iowa City IA
x. Tod Brown, MRxx, Cedar Rapids IA

1. Lisa Paulos, Paid, FR51, Cedar Rapids IA
2. Ana Considine, Paid, FR26, Madison WI
3. Vicky Begalle, Paid, FR54, Escanaba MI
4. Misty Schmidt, Paid, FR33, Mound MN
5. Wendy Lyons, Paid, FR43, Dubuque IA
6. Toni Luber, Paid, FR38, Peosta IA
7. Lori Hueser, Paid, FR31, Bettendorf IA
8. Sandy Kilburg, Paid, FR43, Bellevue IA
9. Laurie Tulchin, Paid, FR53, Iowa City IA
10. Melaine Whitchelo, Paid, FR48, Davenport IA
11. Jessica Wuellner, Paid, FR26, Roselle IL
x. Jamie Isherwood, FR26, Iowa City IA

1. Dennis Grelk, Paid, MS31, Donnellson IA
2. Tim Roe, Paid, MS31, Park Falls WI
3. Andy Swartz, Paid, MS44, Madison WI
x. Tom Weitz, MSxx, Dubuque IA
x. Alax Libin, MS20, Iowa City IA
6. Vita Veita, Paid, FS61, Elgin IL

Note: if we go over 36 (Runners + Skiers) we can have a second bus setup. So, the max is suggested... we will accommodate up to 100 racers total.

Trail Reports

This entry is to be used by all the local Dubuque County racers to keep all informed and up to date on the condition of the Triple D race route (mostly the Heritage Trail).
Currently the entire route is open and in good condition.

Also local Triple D Racer and Mr Hundie (Dave Giegerich) will be posting on his blogsite weekly updates on the trail conditions (once the first snow fly's). I think his blog is getting fewer and fewer updates... but his Facebook page is busy as can be.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

2016 Triple D Registration & Release Form

Registration is now open for the Triple D Winter Bike Races at
Registration is now open for the Triple D Winter Run&Ski Races at

The famous Triple D Winter Race (since 2007), Oh, what fun we've had!

Important Dates & Times
1. Hotel Reservations under our Group rate at the BEST WESTERN PLUS DUBUQUE HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER. Please reference “Triple D Winter Race” when making reservations. If you want to share a room let me know and I’ll get you hooked up with other racers. DO NOT WAIT as we have filled the entire hotel four years in a row now.
2. Race Day Check in / Race Packet pickup at 8-9 am on Race Day for out of town racers, Saturday (the day before the Sunday race) will be the required Race Packet pickup and Check-in for local racers and those who can make it Saturday. Bikers are at the Best Western, Runners and Skiers are at Durango this year for all pre-race checkin on race day.
3. Pre-race Meeting for runners and Skiers 9:50 am on Race Day at your starting line in Durango.
4. Pre-race meeting for Bikers at 9:30 on Race Day
5. Race Start 10 AM sharp for both starting lines simultaneously (new for 2016)
7. Bikers: Recommended finish no later than 10 pm (not mandatory but you’ll miss all the fun if you arrive later than 9:30 pm).
8. Runners/ Skiers will have awards at their respective finish lines this year, but are more than welcome back at the event headquarters for a presentation of awards for the entire group and party.

We also now have online registration to make things easy (see above) however if you want to save a couple $ you can do it by USPS.

Registration Information:
   Name of Participant:
   Race Cell Number:

Mail Registration information and check to:
Triple D Race c/o Lance Andre
1735 Eden Lane
Dubuque, IA 52001-4027

================= RELEASE FORM =========================
2016 Triple D Winter Race Application & Waiver
NOTICE: This application and Release Form is a contract with legal consequences. Please read it carefully before signing it. Racers in the Triple D Winter Race must be at least age 18 years by the day of the event unless prior approval by personal interview with the man.

Name: ______________________________________ Age: _______ Sex: _____

Estimated Race Category* (circle one):

         Ultramarathon Bike - 100+ km (No DNFs, you simply become a Poker Rider)

         Ultramarathon Ski or Run - 50 km (Can drop at the Marathon Finish and still receive a finish time)

         Marathon Ski or Run - 26.2 mi

         Half Marathon Ski or Run - 13.1 mi

         5K Speed Race Ski or Run

         Poker Ride - Whatever distance you make it

   * Category can be changed on race day, but please mark what you think you will be doing as this helps us schedule.

Address: _________________________________________ City: ____________

State: _______________________ ZIP: _______________

Home Phone: __________________ Race Cell Phone: _____________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________________

Shirt Size:  S   M   L   XL  2XL  (extra shirts can be ordered for $15)

I have competed in Winter Racing before*:     Yes   /    No     (circle one)
* You will still be allowed to race, just need to know your experiance for our sag crew...

If Yes, Event and Distance: ___________________________________________

I have competed in ultras (beyond 6 hours): Yes No (circle one)

If Yes, Event and Distance: ___________________________________________

In consideration of the acceptance of my application for entry in the Triple D Winter Race, I hereby freely agree to make the following contractual representations and agreements: I fully realize the dangers of participating in a winter skiing / bicycling / running / snowshoeing races held in the remote Iowa wilderness during extreme winter conditions, and fully assume the risk associated with such participation, including but not limited to the following dangers: hypothermia, frostbite, collision with pedestrians, vehicles, wildlife, and other racers and fixed or moving objects, dangers arising from surface hazards, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, weather conditions, and animals and the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma and injury, including death, associated with winter athletic competition.

I hereby waive, release and discharge myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assigns and successors in interest (hereafter collectively "successors") any and all rights and claims which the sanctioning organization, the promoter and any promoting organization(s) and their board of directors, property owners, law enforcement agencies, all public entities, special districts, and properties (and their respective agents, officials and employees) through or by which the event will be held for any and all damages which may be sustained by my participation in of associated with the event, or travel to or return from the event.

I agree it is my sole responsibility to be familiar with the race course, the rules of the sanctioning body, and the special regulations of the event. I understand and agree that the situations may arise during the race which may be beyond the immediate control of the race officials or organizers, and I must ski, bicycle, run, or snowshoe so as to endanger neither myself nor others. I accept responsibility for the conditions and adequacy of my equipment and training. I have no physical or mental condition which, to my knowledge, would endanger myself or others if I participate in this event, or would interfere with my ability to participate in this event.

I agree that it is at the sole discretion of the race directors to change the rules at any time in the interest of safety and sportsmanship or for any reason deemed appropriate by the Triple D Winter Race officials, and I agree to abide by those rules. I understand that the race officials may pull any participant out of the event in the interest of the community, law, safety, time, sportsmanship; due to suspicion of cheating, acts of nature or any reason deemed appropriate by the Triple D Winter Race officials.

I agree, for myself and successors, that the above representations are contractually binding, and are not mere recitals, and that should I or any of my successors assert any claim in contravention of this agreement, I or my successors shall be liable for the expenses (including legal fees) incurred by the other party or parties in defending, unless the other party or parties are finally adjusted liable on such claims for willful and wanton negligence. This agreement may not be modified orally, and a waiver of any provision shall not be construed as a modification of or as consent to another provision herein of as a consent to any subsequent waiver of modification.

________________________________________ DATE:_______________

PARENT OR GUARDIAN OF A MINOR: I, as a parent or guardian of the above named minor, hereby give my permission for my child or ward to participate in the event, and further agree, individually and on behalf of my child or ward, to the terms above.

______________________________ DATE:__________

For preapproval of a minor please call (563) 543-2784.
Minor approved by Triple D Race Director:   Yes    /    No    (circle one)

______________________________ DATE:__________


Emergency contact: ________________________________________

Emergency contact in Dubuque vicinity for race: Yes / No (circle one)

Address: ____________________________ City: _______________

State: _________________ ZIP: ___________

Home Phone: ________________ Cell Phone: __________________

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rules (the important ones)

1. Paid registration with must be received prior to the cutoff. See the Registration Link to the left. Some exceptions will be made, but please try not to be that person... the event is a circus already.

2. Hotel reservations can be made any time before the event! However, we have sold out our event headquarters hotel 4 years in a row now, so don't wait. We have negotiated hotel sponsorship and have a great rate for all… see Hotel Information link to the left. This is a great race to bring the family along to, let them enjoy the pool while you enjoy… well you get the idea. Need to specify that you are with this event (TRIPLE D WINTER RACE) to receive the discounted rooms. If you want to share a room send me an email, and I’ll get you into a group. International Racers are provided free lodging.

3. Entry fee is $60 for the Ultra Bike, Ultra Run, & Marathon Run. The Bike Poker Tour is $40. The 5K event is only $20. Tandem bikes, if you’re crazy enough to attempt this is $60 total, if you decide the day of the race to ride singles the other rider must pay $60 – this is one exception to the bikers pre-registration rule).

4. There are multiple prize categories (Ultra Bike 67 miles, Ultra-Marathon, Marathon and Half Marathon for run and ski. New in 2016 is a 5K event. All of these are then broken down to Male/Female categories). The Poker tour is best hand takes all $$$. On "snow" years we also brake down the bikes into skinny and fat.

5. No refunds will be allowed. However, you may change categories the day of the race. Please make a good guess as to the event you MAY race in so that we can make appropriate reservations of food/drinks at each location.

6. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! No outside help from anyone except other racers. This means that there are no support crews of any kind allowed on the course (they can cheer and photograph – but not assist). If you take a ride or resupply, you are forfeiting your right to “finish” the race and you must contact the race day coordinator with when & where you are dropping out of the race. Participants are encouraged to help each other. The buddy system is a good way to do the longer version of this race for the first time. Bikers: please note where you dropped out of the race as in years past we awarded prizes based on who made it the furthest (as nobody finished).

7. Any combination of forward motion is allowed (i.e., skiers can run, runners can snow shoe, bikers can push, etc.). No towing/pushing other racers, you can assist them but not in the forward direction.

8. No littering (and no stashes). Leave no trace. Make use of sanitation facilities provided along the trail (there are a couple of restrooms on Heritage trail and at Dyersville. Bring your own t.p. just in case.

9. If you leave the race course for some reason (food, water, bike repair), you must re-enter the course exactly where you left it or notify race officials that you are dropping out as soon as is feasible. Short-cutting the course is not allowed. Turning around early is allowed and encouraged over dropping out in the middle of the race (as this reduces the time our volunteers spend sagging racers), record the mile marker or location where you turned around to receive credit for the distance raced. IF YOU ARE A BIKER AND PLAN ON WINNING/PLACING: BE READY TO PROVIDE YOUR GPS TRACKS AT THE FINISH LINE! OFF COURSE RACERS WILL RECEIVE A POSITION PENALTY(S) - there's a reason for this new rule.

10. STOP AT ALL INTERSECTIONS and obey all traffic laws - this is not a closed course race (except the 5k speed race).

11. The course will be marked and maps will be provided (compass is recommended for bikers, GPS and cycling computers are also allowed - but temperatures may prevent them from working). There are forward and backward mile markers on Heritage Trail (lots of new ones installed in 2015). Bikers will traverse public and private snow machine trails for about the first 24 miles prior to landing on heritage trail for 33 miles then back to private trails for the last 10 miles. Runners and Skiers in 2016 will be entirely on Heritage Trail.

12. There will be no cut off time! This race is about finishing! However, we encourage everyone to finish or sag by 12 hours. If you are out longer than 12 hours make sure you call the race day coordinator to inform them of your intentions and your condition. Note: all the “free” beer and pizza will be consumed without you… (but we will all be thinking about you, which may help you feel warm and full ;-).

13. It is required that EVERYONE (except for 5k racers) have TWO flashing red lights turned on for the entire race (one front and one back) and bikers are REQUIRED to have a WORKING forward white light for after-dark. It is recommended (but not required) that: 1. You have some extra reflective material front and back, 2. Do not use head phones. Bikers should consider a helmet (snowboarder/ski helmets work great in the cold temps). The trail is also used by snowmobiles (even-though the local club which manages the trails has informed their members to stay off the private trails on race day, Heritage trail is a "state trail" so you will encounter some out of town'ers who are unaware of the event).

14. Stay safe, stay warm. Warn other trail users when passing, etc… read up on frostbite and hypothermia so that you know what to do to prevent and treat these winter risks!

15. A mini awards ceremony will occur for each event shortly after a majority of the finisher arrive, this way top finishers can take their trophies or medals and leave... however, we encourage all to attend the main awards which take place at 9:30 PM on race day at the Best Western Plus on Highway 20 (DO NOT stay at the finish line bars, have your drinks, socialize and head back to the Best Western Plus). Cash and Awards to the top finishers in addition, awards and extra cash will be divvied lottery style to all racers and volunteers. Cash: Numbered tickets will be given to all starters. Additional tickets will be issued to finishers. The better you finish the more tickets. We will then give away all race profits lottery style, the same as prior years. In years past we will have awarded up to $2,500 in cash. However, this could be much higher if you pass the word… race expenses will be kept to an absolute minimum, no profits to anybody (expenses include: event room, insurance, trail access fees, shuttle, sag, course markings, beer and pizza at the awards), more racers, the more fun everyone has!

What is Triple D?

The Triple D Winter race is a winter endurance trail event that traverses Dubuque County Iowa in the dead of winter by bike, ski or foot.

What makes this race different from other marathon and ultra-marathon distance races? Well, it’s in the WINTER for one! Winter racing isn’t about being fast or in shape; it’s about mental toughness and fortitude. Your number one goal is to simply finish! If you approach Triple D with that in mind it is an incredibly fun event.

Who participates in Triple D? The race draws nearly 300 competitors representing a complete cross-section of individuals from former and current pro racers (even a former Tour de France bike racer), top US cross country skiers to local recreational enthusiasts and top ultra-marathon runners. There are even a quite a few Iditarod trail racers who compete in Triple D. The race has drawn racers from all over including Florida, New York, Kentucky, Missouri, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa; and internationally from Mexico, Canada, Belgium, and Spain.

Where does the race take place? The runners and skiers are are sometimes bused in style to their start in Dyersville and Farley and finish at the Handlebar in Durango Iowa and Eichmann’s in Sageville. In 2016 the foot and ski racers will all start at the Handlebar in Durango. The majority of this race is on the groomed Heritage Trail (Rails to Trails system). The bikers start their doomed journey on Alaskan style single track snowmobile trail (private club trails) in Dubuque to the historic railroad town of Graf where they then travel on the sometimes groomed Heritage trail to Dyersville the halfway check-point then turn back towards Durango for a 26 mile easy downhill section! Then for one of the most challenging sections the bikers will finish their last 10 miles climbing back up towards the finish on single track snowmobile trails to the finish (the bike route is altered slightly every year due to trail conditions and weather).

Is the race supported? NO! While we have lots of volunteers helping and monitoring the race, all racers are to be "SELF-supported" and are not allowed to receive outside help (other than verbal encouragement). Racers will need to carry any extra clothing, food, hydration, etc. that will allow them to finish the event. Racers are allowed to purchase items along the race at local establishments (nearest are about a mile off the trail). We have a number of Sag Vehicles to retrieve racers if they cannot continue. Racers may receive help from other racers. The Marathon racers and Ultra marathon racers will usally have at least one and sometimes two food stations depending on the route. In addition the ultra racers can always stop their race at mile 26.2 where they can drop from ultra and still receive a finish time for completing the Marathon race.

Is the race difficult? YES!!! However, typically most the runners and skiers finish their races. 2009 was the most difficult year for runners due to the 9" of fresh snow that caused issues with wet feet; however they still had a 90% finish rate. The bike division is another story... In the first four years of Triple D, only 30 bikers finished (out of nearly a 650 total racers). YES riding a bike on snow is not easy, but it can be done and is much easier now that FATBIKES are becoming so popular. Triple D made National FOX news and local TV news for the bike division due to how difficult the event is and the rapidly growing popularly of the sport.

How long does the race take? Is there a time cut off? Review the times from prior years... we recommend that racers either finish or sag so that they are back at the event center by 9:30 pm (10 at the latest (12 hours of racing). The top runners and skiers will finish the Marathon distance in about 3.5 hours! The record bike time is right under 6 hours (one year was so difficult that racers only progressed slightly further than 40 miles after 12 hours, yup no bikers finished that year!

What are the distances? The runners and skiers will compete for overall placement in 4 distances (5k [new for 2016], Half Marathon, Marathon and a 50km Ultra Marathon). The only distance option for the bikers is an incredibly challenging ultra-marathon ride/slog of +108 km (67 horrific miles). Bikers: remember even though you know you (and possibly everyone) may not finish, ultimate overall placement is determined by who traveled the furthest distance on the official race route (with credit given for those who self-sag back to either the Durango bar [free food and beer] or the event headquarters). Also, at any time biker racers may drop to the Poker tour and complete for the $300+ cash in that event.

What is the weather like in Dubuque in Jan? Your guess is as good as ours or even the weatherman’s... the first year of Triple D we had -20dF air temp (-30dF wind-chill), in 2009 we had sweltering temps of +15dF, 2010 the temp was a mild +10dF to -5dF and in 2011 the conditions were nearly perfect for a winter race. In 2013, it was dry and no snow with ice on heritage trail. However, the last couple years were warm enough that mud and mush were the story of the day...

I want to find out more where should I go? Read the posts and links on this blog, Facebook should be checked often as it is updated weekly and more than weekly as we approach race day. You can also, view the prior year results for links to some of the racers blogs, search the internet. Also, you can give our race directory Lance a call at (563) 543-2784 or email him at Lance dot Andre @

What do I get for participating? Eternal happiness and fulfillment... bragging rights at work… a legitimate excuse for visiting that psychotherapist… Everyone who starts: qualifies for prize $$$$ in our lottery drawings and everyone gets one of our coveted 3" laser cut winter race medals. The top finishers qualify for more chances at the $$$$, in each category (bike male/female, half/full/ultra-marathon run male/female, and ski male/female) receive awards hand crafted by a local area artists. All the racers get a free bar tab at Chads pizza in Dyersville, the Durango Depot, and Eichmann’s if they get their by their own fruition (i.e. no sag, but they don’t have to finish)... There will also be some great swag from our sponsors, check back as these details become more finalized. This race has a 100% payout (after expenses).

WHY? Everyone who does Triple D has their own reason, but some that we've heard are: cabin fever, staying inside sucks, love running so much it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, wanted to compete in 100 marathons in one year and Triple D was the only one they could find in January, to train for Arrowhead 135, to train from the Iditarod Trail Invitational, counseling wasn’t working, wife was nagging me to get out of the house, husband was driving me crazy I had to get out of the house, kids wanted to spend the weekend at the water park, you can only ice fish for so long, Charlie Farrow made me do it, I just got a snow bike so I’m REQUIRED to ride Triple D (they did tell you that at the bike shop didn't they?)… what's your reason?

What can my family do when I’m freezing my bits off? The Triple D Winter race take place during the Dubuque Ice Festival, also the event headquarters has a fun pool area for kids. Nearby are TWO of the Midwest’s best ski/snowboard resorts (Sundown & Chestnut Mountain). The Triple D race will pass right by the bottom of Sundown Mountain on their way to the finish and it is also a poker stop. There is a Bald Eagle watch the day before and numerous other winter activities nearby. Here’s a quick list:
2. (Poker Stop for bikes)
3. (Event Headquarters)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2011 Event Poster

The 4th Triple D Winter Race will take place on Jan 16, 2011 (Sunday).