Thursday, November 24, 2011

2012 Sponsors!

Bike Event Sponsor
Milltown Cycles was founded in October of 2004. Our shop is located in a turn-of-the-century building in Faribault, MN, about forty minutes south of Minneapolis/St Paul. We go out of our way to make you an informed buyer, without making you feel intimidated by things like bike specs, frame geometries, or weights of components in grams. At Milltown Cycles the customer is number one. We strive to bring to you bicycles and components that are industry leaders in quality, innovation, and performance. From comfortable hybrids for riding around town, kids’ bikes, or lightweight racers to help you stay in front of the pack, we do it all.

Run Event Sponsor
INKnBURN designs, cuts and sews all our athletic gear to create the ultimate in workout clothes. The fabrics we use are moisture wicking, light and they breathe -- helping you stay comfortable as you achieve your peak performance. Our proprietary technique for getting art on our apparel creates vivid and powerful designs that you can’t feel, and that do not compromise the performance of the fabric. Our technical running shirts are great for cross-country races, marathons, ultras or trail-running. They also just feel great to lounge around in after a tough training session or race. We want to empower you to do your best, and our designs are all about personal strength and performance. Don’t disappear into the crowd... Distance yourself with INKnBURN and the Art of Running.

SKI Event Sponsor
Free Flight is committed to providing you with the best possible Cycling, Skiing, and Fitness experience. All of our efforts and products are provided with this in mind.  We provide all of our customers with a service policy on new bikes, and a warranty on all products sold by us. If there is ever a problem with a product or service provided at Free Flight, we will correct the situation in the most convenient way possible for our customers. Free Flight is also passionate about the community.  Fifteen years ago Free Flight started the Chain Reaction Bike Club bringing to the community a group to promote all aspects of bicycling in the tri-state area.  Every week we offer group rides of varying degrees of difficulty to get bikers of all skill level involved!

Gold Sponsors:

Friday, November 18, 2011

2012 Roster (updated when new entries arrive)

The roster will be updated whenever I receive a new entry. Registration closes on Jan 9, 2012! Hotel reservations are due by Dec 31st.

Note: Currently we have a cap on the Marathon and Ultra Marathon distance of 60. Then another cap for the Halfers also at 60. Same as last year, there will be no cap on the bike event.

Categories this year are:
  • UltraBike (100 KM + or -, but most of you can count on the suggested 12 hour cut off)
  • UltraRun (50 KM)
  • UltraSki (50 KM)
  • FullRun (Full Marathon 26.something miles)
  • FullSki
  • HalfRun (13.1 miles)
  • HalfSki

Paid (via USPS or or
Bib, Name,                       Sex,  Category,      Age,  Location
1.  Gabriel Boorn,     M, UltraRun,   28, Wilton IA
2.  Lance Andre,       M, UltraBike,  42, Dubuque IA
3.  Traci Andre,       F, UltraBike,  43, Dubuque IA
4.  Bill Pustow,       M, UltraBike,  63, Louisville KY
5.  Steve McGuire,     M, UltraBike,  53, Iowa City IA
6.  Mike Koskinen,     M, UltraBike,  32, Tiftin IA
7.  John HackBarth,    M, MarathonRun,29, Cedar Rapids IA
8.  Steve Schmit,      M, UltraBike,  46, Clinton IA
9.  Seth Dudgeon,      M, MarathonRun,34, Dubuque IA
10. Craig Irving,      M, UltraBike,  36, Mount Vernon IA
11. Mark Stevenson,    M, UltraBike,  50, Cedar Falls IA
12. Steve Fuller,      M, UltraBike,  42, Johnson IA
14. Dennis Grelk,      M, UltraBike,  32, Donnelson IA
15. Wayne Nelson,      M, UltraRun,   45, Rochester MN
16. Laurel Darren,     F, MarathonRun,35, Davenport IA
17. Vicky Begalle,     F, UltraRun,   55, Escanaba MI
18. Tim Roe,           M, UltraSki,   32, Phillps WI
19. Danielle Wangsness,F, UltraRun,   33, Cedar Rapids IA
20. Matt Nagel,        M, UltraBike,  24, West Branch IA
21. James W Zimmerman, M, UltraBike,  53, Iowa City IA
22. James R zimmerman, M, UltraBike,  24, Warren MI
23. Vita Veita,        F, UltraSki,   62, Elgin IL
24. Ben Oney,          M, UltraBike,  26, Northfield MN
25. Alex Poulos,       F, HalfRun,    23, Northfield MN
26. Dustin Borkosky,   M, MarathonRun,34, West Salem WI
27. Ryan Baker,        M, UltraBike,  36, Iowa City IA
28. Ryan Clutter,      M, UltraBike,  38, Des Moines IA
29. Rob McKillip,      M, UltraBike,  49, Cedar Rapids IA
30. Alexander Keilty,  M, HalfRun,    26, Viroqua WI
31. Marisa Coyne,      F, HalfRun,    25, Viroqua WI
32. David Giegerich,   M, UltraBike,  58, Dubuque IA
33. Melissa Hunter,    F, MarathonRun,30, Lakeville MN
34. Brad Williams,     M, UltraRun,   29, Dubuque IA
35. Drew Wilson,       M, UltraBike,  28, Rochester MN
36. Dan LaPlante,      M, UltraRun,   27, Phillips WI
37. Chris Follmer,     M, UltraBike,  37, Dodgeville WI
38. Denise Schroeder,  F, HalfRun,    56, Bryant IA
39. Evan Tweed,        M, UltraBike,  45, Lakeville MN
40. Mitchell Rosburg,  M, HalfRun,    24, Dubuque IA
41. Angela Hill,       F, UltraRun,   35, Superior WI
42. Michael Lemberger, M, UltraBike,  43, Madison WI
43. Mark Barrette,     M, UltraBike,  60, Beaver Dam WI
44. Rob McClarey,      M, HalfRun,    14, Superior WI
45. Peter Oien,        M, Ultrabike,  24, Sioux Falls SD
46. Robert Block,      M, UltraBike,  45, Dubuque IA
47. Lisa Plein,        F, HalfRun,    41, Dubuque IA
48. Gina Campbell,     F, HalfRun,    29, Iowa City IA
49. Jason Lueken,      M, UltraBike,  36, Dubuque IA
50. Troy McDermott,    M, UltraBike,  36, Dubuque IA
51. Dane Weiner,       M, HalfRun,    39, Clinton IA

52. Paul James,        M, UltraRun,   58, Stanley IA
53. Andrew Wignall,    M, UltraBike,  27, Galesburg IL
54. Matt Davis,        M, UltraRun,   34, Galesburg IL
55. Misty Schmidt,     F, UltraRun,   34, Mound MN
56. Heath Fossen,      M, UltraBike,  35, Madison WI
57. Chad Bailey,       M, HalfRun,    41, Watertown WI
58. Robert Matthews,   M, UltraBike,  49, Indianola IA
59. CJ LaFond,         M, HalfRun,    37, Verona WI
60. Donald Clark,      M, UltraBike,  60, St Paul MN
61. Marcus Steele,     M, UltraBike,  40, Depere WI
62. Martin Fiesler,    M, HalfRun,    57, Dubuque IA
63. Kenneth Tenebro,   M, UltraRun,   37, Copiague NY
64. Curtis Tesch,      M, UltraBike,  50, Waseca MN
65. Erv Berglund,      M, UltraBike,  68, Fridley MN
66. Nick Pigg,         M, UltraRun,   32, Galesburg IL
67. Erik Thomsen,      M, UlraRun,    40, Bettendorf IA
68. Robert Zimmerman,  M, UltraRun,   45, Milwaukee WI
69. Dan Owings,        M, UltraRun,   41, McHenry IL
70. Susan Sostak,      F, HalfRun,    56, Willowbrook IL
71. Jorge NewBery,     M, UltraRun,   46, Chicago IL
72. Dustin Hill,       M, UltraBike,  24, Independence IA

73. Michael McElmeel,  M, HalfRun,    48, Cedar Rapids IA
74. Spinner Reyerson,  M, UltraBike,  31, Platteville WI
75. Joe Stiller,       M, UltraBike,  48, Sioux Falls SD
76. Wendy Lyons,       F, HalfRun,    44, Dubuque IA
77. Curtis Ness,       M, UltraBike,  26, Northfield MN
78. Peter Olsen,       M, HalfRun,    40, Dubuque IA
79. Michelle Hackbarth,F, MarathonRun,28, Cedar Rapids IA
80. Mel Martin,        M, UltraRun,   52, Ripon IA
81. Matthew Maxwell,   M, UltraSki,   33, Ames IA
82. Jerry Bilek,       M, UltraBike,  45, Northfield MN
83. Alexandar Oenes,   M, UltraBike,  24, Minneapolis MN
84. David Ball,        M, HalfRun,    54, Hudson IA

85. Piera Damonte,     F, HalfRun,    41, San Mateo CA
86. Todd Brown,        M, HalfRun,    52, Cedar Rapids IA
87. Tony Benavides,    M, UltraRun,   31, Clinton IA
88. Adam Blake,        M, UltraBike,  26, Coralville IA
89. Laurie Woodbury,   F, UltraBike,  56, White Bear Lake MN
90. Richard Woodbury,  M, UltraBike,  66, White Bear Lake MN
91. Robert Funk,       M, HalfRun,    57, Cedar Falls IA
92. Mike Schemmel,     M, UltraBike,  46, Summer IA
93. Jermey Riniker,    M, UltraBike,  32, Dubuque IA
94. Laurie Tulchin,    F, MarathonRun,54, Iowa City IA
95. Gerald Sala,       M, MarathonRun,40, Peotone IL
96. Lisa Paulos,       F, MarathonRun,52, Cedar Rapids IA
97. Steve Siglin,      M, HalfRun,    52, Iowa City IA
98. Julie Berg,        F, UltraRun,   47, Big Lake MN
99.Dan Jacobi,        M, UltraRun,   44, Ely IA
100.Amy Jardon,        F, HalfRun,    37, Cedar Falls IA
101.Mike Johnson,      M, UltraBike,  36, Cedar Falls IA
102.Jason Olmsted,     M, UltraRun,   38, Galesburg IL
103.Ben Witt,          M, UltraBike,  26, Fairbault MN
104.James Cassidy,     M, MarathonRun,58, Dubuque IA
105.David Skaaland,    M, MarathonRun,35, Oshkosh WI
106.Jerry Brown,       M, HalfRun,    59, Evansdale IA
107.Randy Marzen,      M, HalfRun,    43, Davenport IA
108.Paula Schneckloth, F, HalfRun,    35, Eldridge IA
109.John Blanchar,     M, UltraRun,   60, La Crosse WI  
110.Kelly Tabara,      F, MarathonRun,42, Apple Valley MN
111.Tara Duggan,       F, HalfRun,    33, Pewaukee WI
112.Jean Pfeiffer,     F, UltraRun,   48, Muscatine IA
113.Margaret Bussan,   F, HalfRun,    35, Lancaster WI
114.John tom Pierce,   M, UltraBike,  63, Westwood KS
115.Brian Edeker,      M, UltraBike,  48, Iowa City IA
116.Mikael Wolke,      M, UltraBike,  38, Dubuque IA
117.Scott McDonough,   M, UltraBike,  46, Iowa City IA
118.Holly Riniker,     F, HalfRun,    38, Asbury IA
119.Joh Steenlage,     M, HalfRun,    38, Iowa City IA
120.Chris Kilgore,     M, HalfRun,    33, Iowa City IA
121.Mike Meloy,        M, HalfRun,    60, Bettendorf IA
122.Bruce Nelson,      M, UltraBike,  57, Eldridge IA
123.Isaac Salwolke,    M, UltraBike,  24, Dubuque IA
124.Warren Gall,       M, UltraBike,  23, Dubuque IA
125.Tina Heil,         F, UltraRun,   33, Milwaukee WI
126.Wendy Foote,       F, HalfRun,    46, Waterloo IA
127.Jeff Anker,        M, UltraBike,  47, Polk City IA
128.Robert Kiefer,     M, UltraBike,  31, Cedar Rapids IA
129.Scott Mullins,     M, MarathonRun,49, Dubuque IA
130.AJ Turner,         M, UltraBike,  21, Iowa City, IA
131.Jerome Full,       M, UltraBike,  59, Iowa City, IA
132.Dallas Clasen,     M, HalfRun,    17, Peosta IA
133.Tonya Johnson,     F, UltraBike,  ??, Iowa City IA
134.Michael Giafagleone,M,UltraBike,  52, Dubuque IA
135.Nate Vanderweide,  M,UltraBike,   46, Iowa City IA
136.Emily Kratz,       F,UltraBike,   33, Pewaukee WI
137.Frank Hassler,     M,UltraBike,   34, Madison WI
138.Ron Oswald,        M,UltraBike,   29, Davenport IA
139.Tina Cho,          F,UltraBike,   26, Minneapolis MN
140.Patrick Bolte,     M,UltraRun,    38, Grinnell IA
141.Prasanna Kumar,    F,HalfRun,     53, Dubuque IA
142.Melissa Summers,   F,HalfRun,     25, Waterloo IA
143.Gene Dahlen,       M, HalfRun,    63, Waterloo IA
144.Jacquelyn Burmeister,F,HalfRun,   57, Cedar Rapids IA
145.Julie Kann,        F,HalfRun,     44, Cedar Rapids IA
146.Jason Helmstadter, M,HalfRun,     39, Sun Prairie WI
147.Greg Gleason,      M,UltraBike,   44, Sioux Falls SD
148.Todd Erickson,     M,UltraBike,   46, Cedar Rapids IA
149.Dean Schwickerath, M,HalfRun,     40, Readlyn IA
150.Bill Copper,       M,HalfRun,     55, Marion IA
151.Phil Raddall,      M,HalfRun,     43, West Des Moines IA
152.Kevin Leitner,     M,UltraBike,   40, Chicago IL
153.Ann Harris,        F,HalfRun,     33, Bettendorf IA
154.David Yonda,       M,HalfRun,     53, Dubuque IA
155.Mel Martin,        M,UltraRun,    52, Ripon WI

Confirmed on FB Events Page: 176+ as of 11am on 01 / 06 / 2012
There is also an online registration page on and

2012 Event Poster

Milltown Cycles is the Major Event Sponsor for the 2012 Triple D Winter Race. Show Ben and Crew your appreciation!

Registration for the 2012 Triple D is now open...

Have already had a number of racers who have sent them in early... is gonna be a great year. We've added a half marathon option for the runners and skiers and we'll most likely see over a hundred runners and a dozen skiers in this event. Also the Ultra distance event may see record number too. I'm living back in Iowa now so, this year will be like clockwork.

We also have a facebook page setup for racers to connect and query each other. Have fun my friends.

Registration by mail
Registration by